Is Carbonite still in business?

What happened Carbonite?

The Carbonite mobile application for Android and iOS, is no longer available for download as of December 2019. You can still access your backed-up files from your mobile device by utilizing our Anytime Anywhere Access feature, which allows you to log into your Carbonite account from any internet-connected device.

Is Carbonite legit?

If you’re looking for a reliable cloud backup solution, Carbonite is an excellent choice. Whether you want to back up data from your personal computer or your company’s server, it gets the job done. As the majority of user-written Carbonite reviews suggest, the app is easy to navigate.

Was Carbonite sold?

Canadian enterprise computing company OpenText has agreed to purchase Boston’s Carbonite, a pioneering provider of cloud-based data backup services for homes and businesses, in a deal worth $1.42 billion. …

Are Carbonite and Webroot the same company?

Proud to be an. OpenText company. Carbonite and Webroot were acquired by OpenText in December 2019. As OpenText companies, we’re dedicated to bringing full-scale cyber resilience solutions to each of our customers, from individual home users and small business owners to managed service providers and large enterprises.

Can carbonite backup an Iphone?

Carbonite Endpoint Backup makes it easy for businesses to ensure access to data stored on cell phones and tablets running on the two most popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

Who bought Carbonite?

Open Text CorporationOn November 11, 2019, Open Text Corporation announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Carbonite Inc. for $23.00 per share USD in cash.

Is Carbonite better than iCloud?

Carbonite will backup all the data on your computer as long as it’s connected to the internet. iCloud from Apple is a secure cloud storage solution for storing multiple types of content online, and across all your devices….

Is OneDrive the same as Carbonite?

Carbonite automatically backs up OneDrive files that are synced on your computer. By default, OneDrive files are backed up with Carbonite if you selected the Automatic setup option when you initially installed.

What company owns Carbonite?

OpenTextCarbonite, Inc./Parent organizations

Was Webroot bought out?

Carbonite, parent of Webroot, is acquired by OpenText for $1.42 billion. The Carbonite & Webroot acquisition comes after several weeks of negotiations with multiple bidders.

Did Webroot buy Carbonite?

Carbonite acquired Webroot in March 2019 with that 360-degree protection goal in mind. But the journey remains a work in progress. Carbonite had a financial hiccup on the data protection side of its business in mid-2019, and the company sale to OpenText surfaced a few months later.

Does Carbonite backup photos?

Carbonite is designed to back up all the unique and irreplaceable files on your computer. Included in your backup are your text documents, spreadsheets, financial documents, photos, music, videos, etc.

Is there a mobile app for Carbonite?

Carbonite Mobile is available now for free for iOS and Android devices and can easily be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play Store. For current Carbonite Home online backup customers, the App will also allow them to access their protected Carbonite files.

What is Carbonite material?

Carbonite was one of the earliest and most successful coal-mining explosives. It is made from such ingredients as nitroglycerin, wood meal, and some nitrate as that of sodium; also nitrobenzene, saltpeter, sulfur, and diatomaceous earth. Carbonite was invented by Bichel of Schmidt and Bichel.

Where is Carbonite based?

Boston, MassachusettsCarbonite, Inc.

TypeSubsidiaryFoundedFebruary 23, 2006HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts , U.S.ParentOpenText

How do I access my Carbonite files?

You can access the Carbonite Backup Drive from within the File Explorer window.

  1. Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows logo and ‘E’ key on the keyboard at the same time.
  2. Within File Explorer, click This PC.
  3. Double-click Carbonite Backup Drive.
  4. Double-click Backed up Files.

What is a good alternative to Carbonite?

The Best Carbonite Alternatives

  • Backblaze — Easy-to-use unlimited backup.
  • IDrive — Feature-rich backup of unlimited devices.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office — Cheap, unlimited backup.
  • Zoolz Home Cloud Backup — Easy-to-use backup with great speed and privacy.
  • SpiderOak ONE — Great cloud storage features and strong security.

Jun 9, 2020

Can Carbonite back up OneDrive?

Carbonite automatically backs up OneDrive files that are synced on your computer. By default, OneDrive files are backed up with Carbonite if you selected the Automatic setup option when you initially installed.

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